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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Have you ever experienced a sudden unexpected pain when chewing? And it has happened before but never hurts unless you chew on it just right? And your first reaction is to say to yourself to chew on the other side? You have a cracked tooth syndrome.

Now you look around and can actually see cracks in other teeth here and there in your mouth. So you ask yourself if you have a cracked tooth syndrome, why don’t these other teeth hurt? The answer is that the cracks you see are in the enamel and those don’t hurt. It is the unseen cracks in the dentin structure underneath the enamel that cause pain when the biting is just right to stress the crack.

So the bad news is two bad results if nothing is done:

  1. The internal crack heads outward and a portion of the tooth eventually breaks off possibly exposing the nerve of the tooth.
  2. The internal crack heads inward and hits the nerve.

The treatment for cracked tooth syndrome is to have the tooth crowned once the diagnosis is made. And roughly one out of every five cracked tooth syndromes wind up needed root canal treatment even after the crowning is done. And the need of root canal treatment goes up the longer treatment for cracked tooth syndrome is delayed.

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